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What is different between regular Email and Anonymous Email

Nowadays, everyone must has an email address, as it’s virtually impossible to have adequate Internet experience without having one. You need to have an inbox if you want to create a social media account, have a profile on the forum, or download some files. You may have already seen some information about anonymous emails when you browse the web on a regular basis. If you still wonder how different these types of emails are from the regular ones, continue reading.

There are a lot of differences that you will notice when using temporary and regular email addresses. Some of the most important characteristics of the temp mail are below:

If you want to give your disposable email address to another person, you will not worry about your identity. It doesn’t matter which reasons you have for wanting to protect your privacy, but it’s definitely great that you have this opportunity. Do you know that even you delete your name or change it in your real email, depending on the email service that you use and how knowledgeable your recipient is, they may find out your IP. By using the anonymous mail, your IP is not stored on the website. You are protecting yourself.

When you set up a regular email, you have to enter your name, create a login and password, and enter some information, such as your phone number, ect. All of these steps can be avoided when you use a disposable email address, because its entire purpose is to help protect your privacy. So it only makes sense that you don’t have to enter your personal details. Your login will be created automatically.

But if you want to make it look more personal, especially if you want to give this new email to another person, you can always click the “Change” button on your screen and enter the login you want. You can also the domain to the one that seems most appealing.

Another difference between anonymous email address and regular email address is that the email letters that you will receive are not meant to be stored forever. After one hour, the temporary emails get deleted to ensure the highest level of protection. If you receive an important email that you will need to view later, you can download it to your smartphone, tablet, or computer in just a couple of clicks

The address can quickly deleted

You can do so by clicking a single button – Delete if you no longer need your fake inbox, or you simply want to switch to a different one. Once you do that, your current email will be deactivated and a new one will appear at the top of the screen.

Maximum simplicity.

Many modern email services offer numerous features, but it’s safe to say that the majority of people never use them. Temporary email is designed to be extremely simple and convenient. You only spend a few seconds to view your letters and decide what you want to do with them – save to your device or let them get deleted.

If you’re an active Internet user, it’s more than likely that you can benefit from an anonymous email since they offer you a chance to ensure the protection of your computer and hide your identity if you ever need to. Another great thing about disposable email is that it’s free to use in spite of providing all the mentioned advantages. Prevent spam from flooding your personal email by using an anonymous email whenever you need!

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