For the love for my husband

I love my husband. The hardest thing about being with my husband is that is very difficult to shop for. It seems like everything he wants, he gets. I was looking at all sorts of great options to consider, on a website called Survival Cooking, which gives very in-depth and well written reviews about a whole bunch of different camping and other outdoor supplies. I was looking at grills, coolers, stoves, tumblers and all sorts of other things, but I learned that my husband already had most of these things, including a brand new tent that he’d recently bought for himself.

So, I was left wondering, what am I supposed to buy for him, if everything that he really wants he ends up buying for himself? It’s a difficult question to answer, but I think I did find a good answer, because I started to think about things that he would never by himself, and one of the very first things I thought about was a very nice watch. My husband is not the kind of guy who would spend money just to look good, he’s not vain in that way, he works out and he wears Nice Clothing, but he doesn’t have any types of accessories, and he doesn’t go the extra mile just to impress people with the clothing or accessories that he wears. I respect this about him, but I don’t think it would hurt to have a very nice watch, especially because when it comes to Christmas parties and weddings, he is always feeling like he is under dressed and he gets a little bit embarrassed in this super cute way that I find very endearing. What are these friends recently came over wearing a very cool watch, and he was very excited about it. Never did he say that he wanted one, or or talked about potentially buying one, but I could tell that there was a little bit of a sparking inside that I don’t always see with him. It’s got a great TV, he’s got great camping gear, but he doesn’t have anything like a nice watch, and I think that I am going to fix that by searching through the best watches under 500.




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