I Am Loving My New Electric Scooter

I recently purchased an electric scooter. As you know, I am currently living in the city. I am doing a project with a big company and it requires a couple of days a week of meeting with them so they will know the progress of my work. I have been working with them for a couple of months now and the project will last for two years. So you see, I might be staying in my apartment for a little longer than what I expected. My good friend Carla always invites me to random dinner and coffee near hear place, which is a little far from my pad. And because I really do not have a lot of friends in the city, I end up giving in to her invitations.

I realized one night when I saw a group of people riding their own scooters. I was amazed by how they looked so cool and chic while riding theirs. I got so curious that I asked Carla what kinds of scooters are they riding at.

And so that was the time I discovered Unu Motors’ electric scooters or what they call as the elektrische scooter. You see, if you will check their website, it features a lot of innovations. It does not only ran in electricity. It has a portable battery, it does not have noise when you’re driving it, thus making less hassle on other people.

It also comes in several colors which i really loved. I mean, not all vehicles has the options for the colors you want. And so I purchased the grey shade so it will loo neutral and not that too girly.

It also has a free helmet which is really cute. And also, an agent told me that their electric scooters has this system that when you brake, the energy go to the battery. In short, it saves energy and battery! And that also means that if you’re vehicles in on a halt, it will not consume energy in the battery. That is so awesome! And oh, did I also mentioned that the battery can last up to three days? When I learned this, I immediately purchased because I know this will make city driving cooler and better.


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