Gifts For New Parents: Comfort Cam

So, I was busy searching for the perfect gift idea for my friends who are new parents. It is so weird when your friends become new parents, and you don’t see it in your near future at all. I mean, my friends are basically the same age as me, one is a year older and one is a year younger. They are a great couple, and I don’t think that they are too young to have a child at all.

However, I somehow I feel like I am too young to have a child, but maybe this is about spiritual age rather than our actual, material age. I don’t think that they are necessarily more mature than me either, they have just aimed their maturity and a totally different direction which I fully respect, but I don’t see myself going down that road for some time.

I really want to make a career for myself, and I think I have to dedicate a lot of my twenties and thirties to doing that. Some people call me selfish for that, but I think it’s the opposite. I think I am devoting myself to something that is very difficult and hard, so that I can be fully happy and being more positive influence on the world around me. Sometimes, I think just going with the status quo is actually the most selfish thing because the world makes it easy. Not that I think Parenthood is easy!  Anyway, I found the perfect gift idea. It was a through the roof to success of a purchase.


I think, at least, but I haven’t given it to them yet so I haven’t seen their reaction, but I am pretty sure that they are going to absolutely love it and be super grateful. Obviously, you want to get them something that will help them as parents. But, don’t want to get them something that’s just for the baby. So, I settled on buying them a WiFi baby monitor. Honestly, when I was at their house recently I noticed that their baby monitors were hand-me-downs and they were super outdated. But, as young parents, they were thinking about putting their money elsewhere, understandably.

So, this wi-fi baby monitor is really something. It’s a camera that can attach to the crib, and takes a really high quality video, with Wi-Fi it connects to an app which you can access from your phone or tablet. I can just picture my friends having a moment of Silence away from the baby, sitting on the couch watching Netflix, and they can just so easily pick up a phone, which they’re probably already on to tell you the truth, in quickly checking on the baby by pressing a single button. I think it’s a great gift, and I’m grateful that this technology exists so that I can give it to them.

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