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The treasury inspector says that IRS employees using Temporary emails in the work and putting important informations at risk. IRS stands for Internal Revenue Service is storing the personal taxpayer information. But the research of inspector show that IRS is using unencrypted email addresses in their workplace, so that’s a risk for people who are using this service.

The inspector’s research claims that PII (Personal Identifiable Information) and 2.4 million taxpayers information is at risk by now. This is proved by an sample sent emails between May and June 2015, 11,416 employees sent 95,396 unencrypted emails in that time period.

Inspector on 80 employees and found out 48 percent of employees sent Temporary emails during that time period. Report also said that “If this four-week period is typical, we estimate that more than 1.1 million unencrypted e-mails with taxpayer PII/tax return information of 28.2 million taxpayers could be sent annually”.

Most of the Temporary emails are used internally, but some employees used their personal email addresses outside to manage governmental businesses. This is claimed by the inspector

Because employees didn’t know they shouldn’t use their personal email addresses for work, the inspector blames the company cause of their carefreeness about to inform to their employees about security and rules.

How to solve this issue. There are some informations are recommended by the inspector. That is the company should provide training about the security to prevent future issue possibilities. The company replied back as their agreement on the report and they continued, they have changed their procedures about that.

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