Algorithms should have made courts more fair. What went wrong?

[ad_1] Enlarge / The courts have become another frontline in the battle against climate change. Kentucky lawmakers thought requiring that judges consult an algorithm when deciding whether to hold a defendant in jail before trial would make the state’s justice system cheaper and fairer by setting more people free. That’s not how it turned out. […]

Getting AI ethics wrong could 'annihilate technical progress'

[ad_1] AI can be used to identify potential perpetrators of violent crimes and assess the risk of a criminal re-offending. Credit: Max Pixel, licensed under CC0 An intelligent water gun that uses facial recognition to identify its targets is helping to highlight some of the emerging human rights issues surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) – an […]

From the Cookie Monster cat to ballistic missiles: when text and email alerts go wrong | Technology

[ad_1] The US embassy in Canberra, Australia, sent out an email invitation this week to untold numbers of recipients, in Latin, with a picture of a cat holding biscuits in a turquoise Cookie Monster onesie. It was, of course, an error, though not one I can see any reasonable person being truly irked by. It […]