Stolen goods on Amazon? Shoppers won't care, experts say

[ad_1] This Dec. 11, 2018 file photo shows an Amazon package containing a GPS tracker on the porch of a Jersey City, N.J. residence after its delivery. News of an alleged Amazon theft ring involving contract delivery drivers is unlikely to make a dent in the online shopping giant’s massive business. But it may make […]

A wearable device so thin and soft you won't even notice it

[ad_1] Researchers reported the discovery of a multifunctional ultra-thin wearable electronic device that is imperceptible to the wearer. It also can be used as a robotic skin. Credit: University of Houston Wearable human-machine interfaces—devices that can collect and store important health information about the wearer, among other uses—have benefited from advances in electronics, materials and […]

Apple won't get tariff waivers for certain China imports: Trump

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain President Donald Trump said Friday that Apple would face tariffs for components of its Mac Pro computers which are expected to be manufactured in China. Trump’s comments came after reports the US tech giant was seeking an exemption from tariffs for the high-end computer, which in the past had been […]

Liberation day! Don’t email me. I sure won’t be emailing you | Charles Arthur | Opinion

[ad_1] As from today you have the perfect excuse. “I haven’t been in touch because you didn’t respond to my last email – you know, the one where I said that you had to specifically opt in if you wanted further communications? Anyway, Mum, how was your week?” Like most, I feel that the advent […]

Which Disney Animated Classic Won’t Get a Live-Action Remake?

[ad_1] Alan Menken says a Pocahontas live-action remake is unlikely. Menken has been working with Disney for a long time now and has earned Grammys, Academy Awards, and Tony Awards for his composing work, including 1992’s Aladdin, which is about to hit the big screen as a live-action remake this week. In a new interview, […]