The top 8 ways your phone will improve

[ad_1] by Edward C. Baig, Usa Today Credit: CC0 Public Domain Android 10 is now available, but you’ll need a Google Pixel smartphone to install the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system. At least for now. The update is promised for other Android phones over the next several weeks. At its I/O developer conference […]

13 hidden ways Apple's new software can breathe life into your aging iPhone

[ad_1] by Edward C. Baig, Usa Today Credit: CC0 Public Domain Apple is hosting its customary September product unveiling for the news media next week signaling the imminent arrival of the newest iPhones. But the latest hardware is only part of the story, and not the biggest part at that if you plan to sit […]

Five ways AI could make your car as smart as a human passenger

[ad_1] Credit: Sathienpong Prempetch/Shutterstock Driving long distances without a passenger can be lonely. If you’ve ever done it, you might have wished for a companion to talk to—someone emotionally intelligent who can understand you and help you on the road. The disembodied voice of SatNav helps to fill the monotonous silence, but it can’t hold […]

5 ways to shift consumers toward sustainable behavior

[ad_1] Insulating your home, sealing air leaks and turning the thermostat up in the summer and down in the winter can save energy and lower bills. Credit: Shutterstock Most people want to be sustainable, but have a hard time taking the necessary actions. According to Nielsen, a data analytics company, sustainability is the latest consumer […]

10 minutes emails – With this nice Gmail trick you’ll flip the ways in which you organize your mailbox

[ad_1] People offer several time on causing and reading emails and this bothers many of us. But there ar some trick to form one among that being a Gmail trick. This trick will regulate the approach you manage your mailboxes. You can produce endless amount of gmail temporary email address by victimisation the + sign. […]

Spam emails –Temporary Emails- the ways to prevent – Blog

[ad_1] Spam emails –Temporary Emails– the ways to prevent Using these tips to Cut down on the spam in your email diet Do you wanna start your day than sitting down at your computer with a warm cup of coffee and opening your email and only to see a glut of spam messages spill out […]