Prototype of a high-temperature heat pump for recovering industrial waste heat

[ad_1] Credit: Universitat Jaume I Scientists from the Thermal and Energy Systems Engineering research group (Istener) at the Universitat Jaume I, in collaboration with the company Rank, have developed the first functional prototype of a high-temperature heat pump for the recovery of industrial waste heat in Spain. The first experimental results of this prototype have […]

One person's waste glass becomes another person's treasure

[ad_1] Credit: University of Queensland In a bid to preserve the world’s second most used natural resource—sand—University of Queensland Ph.D. candidate Danish Kazmi has developed a sustainable solution that could reduce its use in the construction industry. Geotechnical engineering student Mr Kazmi is investigating using crushed waste glass as an alternative to sand for ground […]

Australia should explore nuclear waste before trying domestic nuclear power

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Last year Australia sold more than 7,000 tonnes of uranium at a value of nearly A$600 million. This uranium produced nearly as much energy as Australia uses in a year, but with less than 10% of the carbon dioxide from coal-fired power stations. Geoscience Australia has estimated Australia could mine […]

Converting waste, 'a leftover resource,' to biofuels reduces emissions

[ad_1] Airlines have begun integrating waste biofuels into the commercial aviation industry, led by United Airlines’ partnership with AltAir Fuels in 2016. Credit: United Airlines The United States could produce enough energy each year by harnessing waste—from landfill refuse to cow manure—to power the states of Oregon and Washington, all while cutting the equivalent of […]