Researchers warn of 'phishing' texts attacking smartphones

[ad_1] Security researchers say malicious software hiding in text messages can allow attackers to take over smartphones Cybersecurity researchers warned Wednesday of malicious software in text messages pretending to be from telecom carriers, opening a door for hackers to attack Android smartphones. A report released by Check Point described a “new class of phishing attacks” […]

Giving people a 'digital identity' could leave them vulnerable to discrimination, experts warn

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Global efforts to give millions of people missing key paper documents such as a birth certificates a digital identity could leave them vulnerable to persecution or discrimination, a new study warns. Work is underway to use digital technology so refugees and others lacking vital legal papers can have access to […]

Too-cheap-to-notice water is coming to an end, and water utilities must warn consumers

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Most consumers know the cost of a gallon of gasoline. Many customers can read their electric utility bills and understand how power was expended during the billing period. But ask them how much it costs to take a shower or flush a gallon of water, and they don’t know. Too-cheap-to-notice […]

Ryanair cabin crew in Spain warn of September strike

[ad_1] Ryanair had announced last month that it would close some bases because of problems with Boeing’s crisis-hit 737 MAX jet Unions representing Ryanair cabin crew in Spain warned on Tuesday of a 10-day strike in September to protest against the anticipated closing of some airport bases for the low-cast Irish airline. After meeting with […]

Privacy watchdogs warn Facebook over Libra currency

[ad_1] The letter follows a chorus of warnings about Facebook’s entry into the shadowy world of digital banking Global privacy regulators joined forces Tuesday to demand guarantees from Facebook on how it will protect users’ financial data when it launches its planned cryptocurrency, Libra. The watchdogs from Australia, the US, EU, Britain, Canada and other […]

EU court rules sites must warn about Facebook 'like' button

[ad_1] It is not clear to users that clicking on the ‘like’ button sends data to Facebook, said the court Europe’s top court ruled Monday that online retailers must warn web users that they send personal data to Facebook through the “like” button. According to the European Court of Justice ruling, a site that embeds […]