Delivering new concepts for urban citizens

[ad_1] Engineers, data scientists and architects will have to work more closely together in the cities of the future. Credit: Swinburne University of Technology The city could be thought of as a living organism that requires inputs of energy, nutrients, and water and exudes wastes. Traditionally, engineers designed and managed the systems that bought energy […]

A smart electric scooter to improve urban mobility

[ad_1] Superpedestrian says its vehicle intelligence system makes its scooters safer, more durable, and easier to maintain. Credit: Superpedestrian Startups racing to deploy rentable electric scooters around the world seem to be following Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s famous motto for disruption: Move fast and break things. Unfortunately for those startups, the things that break most […]

Engineers work on warning system for urban flooding using traffic cameras

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain It’s the night of Sept. 8, 2014. Over metropolitan Phoenix, a summer monsoon collides with a dying Pacific hurricane. Rain gushes from the skies. Freeway pumps on Interstate 10 fail. Early morning commuters abandon their cars, which simply float away. Interstate 17 and U.S. 60 in Mesa also flood because […]