Wizards Unite' will track activity without running the app

[ad_1] It’s not certain if this will be available for both Android (via Google Fit) and iOS (via Health) users, although that’s currently the case for the Pokémon Go crowd. If and when this arrives, it might encourage more people to play Wizards Unite. Fitness data syncing not only helps players advance sooner, it could […]

Wireless sensors stick to skin and track health

[ad_1] Using metallic ink, researchers screen-print an antenna and sensor onto a stretchable sticker designed to adhere to skin and track pulse and other health indicators, and beam these readings to a receiver on a person’s clothing. Credit: Bao Lab We tend to take our skin’s protective function for granted, ignoring its other roles in […]

Using your email address to track you on the Internet – Blog

[ad_1] How can a company know so much about you? How can advertisers “target” you with their offers? We will dive a bit into how online tracking works, specifically with your email address. It starts with you visiting a seemingly benign website. It may be a fashion clothing store or a news site. When you […]