Google Photos now lets you search for, copy/paste text in photos

[ad_1] Google has quietly added more optical character recognition (OCR) functionality to Google Photos, essentially allowing users to search for text within photos. The improved OCR tech also lets you copy/paste said text in photos. The new capabilities were confirmed by the Google Photos Twitter account after a user spotted it (h/t: 9to5Google). The search […]

Google Photos now has the ability to search for text in images

[ad_1] We were able to surface screenshots by looking for specific keywords, but it looks like the feature will work even on ordinary pictures. Say, on images of signs or of the pages of a book. Further, you can simply click the Lens button when you find the image you’re looking for to be able […]

Looking for work? Your next job interview might just come by text message

[ad_1] by Edward C. Baig Credit: CC0 Public Domain When the text message popped up on his iPhone, Malcolm Barnes was skeptical. Could this really be from a recruiter? Sure, he had applied online for a job. But in the era of data breaches, spam and scams, he wasn’t sure whether to trust it. “I’ve […]

Researchers develop a method to identify computer-generated text

[ad_1] Credit: Petr Kratochvil/public domain In a world of Deep Fakes and far too human natural language AI, researchers at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) and IBM Research asked: Is there a better way to help people detect AI-generated text? That question led Sebastian Gehrmann, a Ph.D. candidate […]

From the Cookie Monster cat to ballistic missiles: when text and email alerts go wrong | Technology

[ad_1] The US embassy in Canberra, Australia, sent out an email invitation this week to untold numbers of recipients, in Latin, with a picture of a cat holding biscuits in a turquoise Cookie Monster onesie. It was, of course, an error, though not one I can see any reasonable person being truly irked by. It […]