New technologies can be a force for good in Africa if they're developed from the ground

[ad_1] Technology companies are pushing to lead the AI drive in Africa. Credit: Wikimedia Commons Sub-Saharan Africa is at a point where new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) could present both opportunities and threats to development. But civil society, governments and international organisations need to make sure that everyone benefits from these technologies—not just […]

Fair comparison of desalination technologies puts heat on energy sources

[ad_1] Muhammad Shahzad (left) and Kim Choon Ng inspect the pilot desalination facility at KAUST. Credit: KAUST A novel way to assess the efficiency of rival desalination technologies could help to guide new developments to deliver potable water supplies in urban areas, shows research undertaken at KAUST. Global water demand reached roughly 4000 billion cubic […]

Don't ban new technologies – experiment with them carefully

[ad_1] For many years, Facebook’s internal slogan was “move fast and break things.” And that’s what the company did—along with most other Silicon Valley startups and the venture capitalists who fund them. Their general attitude is one of asking for forgiveness after the fact, rather than for permission in advance. Though this can allow for […]