Simulating quantum many-body systems on Amazon Web Services

[ad_1] September 6, 2019 feature (a) The matrix-product state decomposition of a tensor A of order N. (b) The rectangular lattice decomposition of a tensor A of order N = Nh Nw. Credit: Reyes, Mucciolo & Marinescu. Quantum many-body systems (QMBs), which are physical systems made up of multiple interacting particles, are among the most […]

New methods for optimization of vibration shock protection systems proposed

[ad_1] A pareto optimal front for single-degree-of-freedom system. Credit: Lobachevsky University Nowadays the words “uncertainty” and “multicriteria” characterize in the best way the relevance and complexity of modern problems of management of a variety of dynamic objects and processes. In fact, any mathematical model describing complex controlled processes inevitably includes inaccuracies in the description of […]

Protecting companies' systems needs to be ongoing process

[ad_1] by Joyce M. Rosenberg Credit: CC0 Public Domain Small businesses can take steps to make their computers and websites less vulnerable to cybercriminals, but owners also need to be vigilant about protecting their data. Cybersecurity has some basic components, such as using anti-virus and anti-malware programs on all devices, and making sure that updates […]

European mobile payment systems team up

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Seven European mobile payment systems on Tuesday said they are joining forces to better develop cross-border contactless payments. The move is seen as an attempt to create a regional standard for smartphone payments that does not require Apple, Google, Visa or Mastercard. Mark Wraa-Hansen, CEO of Denmark’s MobilePay system, says […]

Developing embedded systems faster

[ad_1] Drone with stereo camera. The small white box holds the embedded system, which evaluates the slightly offset images from the two cameras in real time in order to detect obstacles. Credit: Fraunhofer IOSB Whether for the car or the drone: Developing image processing software for embedded systems takes a lot of time and is […]

A biocompatible magnetic skin that could enable new wearable systems

[ad_1] Credit: Almansouri et al. Researchers at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology have recently developed a flexible and imperceptible magnetic skin that adds permanent magnetic properties to all surfaces to which it is applied. This artificial skin, presented in a paper published in Wiley’s Advanced Materials Technologies journal, could have numerous interesting applications. […]

Artificial neural networks could be used to provide insight into biological systems

[ad_1] Martin Haesemeyer (left), in the labs of Florian Engert (right). Haesemeyer built an artificial neural network that almost perfectly mimicked the zebrafish and which has the potential to further understanding of biology. Credit: Rose Lincoln/Harvard file photo Teaching a computer to behave like a zebrafish wasn’t Martin Haesemeyer’s goal. In fact, the research associate […]

NHTSA will look at allowing mirrorless side camera systems on new cars

[ad_1] Enlarge / The Lotus Evija electric hypercar will feature cameras instead of side mirrors. Jonathan Gitlin When Audi unveiled its electric e-tron SUV in San Francisco last year, much of the talk was about the car’s side-view cameras. The feature, which replaced the traditional passive side-view mirrors, is an option in Europe and elsewhere, […]

US traffic agency plans to test rearview camera systems for vehicles

[ad_1] In particular, the agency plans to monitor how the technology affects “driving behavior and lane change maneuver execution.” It will start its tests on smaller passenger vehicles before moving to larger ones. Side and rearview cameras are already allowed in other regions like Europe and Japan, which is why automakers are already working on […]

Many Wisconsin elections clerks use outdated systems

[ad_1] Hundreds of local clerks are using outdated computer systems and aren’t installing security patches on their current systems, leaving Wisconsin’s election system vulnerable to potentially devastating cyberattacks, state elections officials fear. Federal and state elections officials across the country have stepped up their efforts to block hackers from wreaking havoc during the 2020 contests […]