Facebook might start hiding 'Like' counts for posts

[ad_1] Facebook says it is considering no longer displaying how many “likes” a post has racked up Facebook on Tuesday confirmed it is dabbling with no longer making a public display of how many “likes” are racked up by posts. Such a change could ease pressure to win approval with images, videos or comments and, […]

How to use the Windows 10 start menu with some fun tricks

[ad_1] The Windows 10 start menu is a mixture of old and new. After many users expressed hatred toward the Metro UI start menu on Windows 8, Microsoft decided to do something about it with Windows 10. Microsoft took some Windows 7 elements and blended them with Windows 8 elements to make the Windows 10 […]

"Just start building!" Farm Punks studio on making it as an indie game dev

[ad_1] It’s no secret that the mobile gaming industry is booming. But with big players like Nintendo, Blizzard, Square Enix, Microsoft, and others expanding their mobile foothold, it can be hard for indie game developers to get their foot in the door. Read also: How to make an Android game – for complete beginners So how […]

Apple will reportedly start online sales in India

[ad_1] It’s a significant development for Apple, which only has a small presence in the nation of more than a billion people. Chinese Android phone makers and Microsoft Windows have largely been the technology of choice for people in the subcontinent. This is chiefly due to India’s foreign direct investment rules (FDI), which required companies […]

Start a side hustle through Amazon's FBA program for just $29

[ad_1] Amazon is best known for its behemoth inventory and speedy delivery. What you might not know is that it’s also the perfect platform for side hustles. Through the Amazon FBA program, anyone can set up a virtual store on the site with fulfillment and customer service are all taken care of by Amazon. If […]

Tesla Model 3 owner implants key card chip into her arm to unlock and start her vehicle

[ad_1] When smartphones and keyfobs are impossible to keep up with, some say you could just implant them into your body so you can always unlock your car. That’s the idea behind one Tesla owner’s decision to implant the RFID chip from her Model 3’s key card into her arm. Unlike most cars that come […]