Audio-Technica's $99 true wireless earbuds sound amazing

[ad_1] [Temp Email] I immediately noticed the small size of the ATH-CK3TW buds themselves. These things are pretty tiny, which means the included charging case is also quite compact. Even with the smaller size, Audio-Technica didn’t leave out on-board controls. There are touch options on each side that allow you control volume, skip tracks and […]

Video game accessories let you fine tune the feel, sound and seat of your game

[ad_1] More Americans are playing video games than ever, and more are tuning in to watch live esports competitions, too. While you may not be a pro, you can certainly step up your game accessory-wise. Many gamers already have. Sales of video game accessories such as controllers, headsets, steering wheels and other products hit $2.3 […]

Researchers create first-ever personalised sound projector with $12 webcam

[ad_1] The current version of Sussex’s acoustic projector. The speaker is contained in the back, together with the tracking camera and one of the acoustic lenses. The part in white is the second acoustic lens in the telescope. Credit: University of Sussex A University of Sussex research team have demonstrated the first sound projector that […]

A new algorithm enables more realistic sound effects in VR

[ad_1] Credit: Doug Jame, Stanford University When we watch movies or play video games, the right sound effects can help make scenes more realistic: When a grizzled gambler rolls a silver dollar across a card table in a silver screen saloon, the sound seems to travel from ear to ear, a trick movie-makers can accomplish […]