New solution to end struggle with lofted beds

[ad_1] A Purdue University team created a lofted bed stow step to provide a safe solution for getting into and down from lofted beds. Credit: Purdue University College life requires sacrifices. In the name of space, many residence hall rooms across the country use lofted beds. Those setups can pose challenges for students in climbing […]

Chicago will test Samsung's DeX in-vehicle solution in cop cars

[ad_1] The pilot test will first roll out to officers from CPD’s 11th district this year. According to Samsung’s announcement, the DeX system will allow them to accomplish tasks like accessing computer-aided dispatch and other CPD systems to conduct background checks from their cars. Further, they’ll be able to immediately attach any photo or video […]

An elegant solution to the soft sensing challenge

[ad_1] Researchers at the Soft Machines Lab have developed a soft magnetic skin with a single sensing element that detects force and contact. Credit: College of Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University From warehouses to hospitals, soft robots are used in different places to assist humans in moving items, treating patients, and gathering information. As interests in […]