'Soft tactile logic' tech distributes decision-making throughout stretchable material

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Inspired by octopuses, researchers have developed a structure that senses, computes and responds without any centralized processing—creating a device that is not quite a robot and not quite a computer, but has characteristics of both. The new technology holds promise for use in a variety of applications, from soft robotics […]

A soft phototactic swimming robot built using a self-sustained hydrogel oscillator

[ad_1] September 10, 2019 feature Credit: Zhao et al. Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and the California NanoSystems Institute in Los Angeles have recently developed a soft swimming robot based on a self-sustained hydrogel oscillator. This robot, presented in a paper published in Science Robotics, operates under constant light input without […]

Researchers develop process flow for high-res 3-D printing of mini soft robotic actuators

[ad_1] A generic process flow is proposed to guide the 3D printing of miniature soft pneumatic actuators that are smaller than a coin. A soft debris remover with an integrated miniature gripper can realize navigation through a confined space and collection of small objects in hard-to-reach positions. Credit: SUTD Soft robots are a class of […]

Step toward managing immune response in soft tissue

[ad_1] Credit: National University of Ireland, Galway Researchers from the National University of Ireland Galway (NUI Galway), Massachusetts Institute of Technology and AMBER, the SFI Research Centre for Advanced Materials and BioEngineering Research have today (Thursday, 29 August) announced a significant breakthrough in soft robotics which could help patients requiring in-situ (implanted) medical devices such […]

Self-folding 'Rollbot' paves the way for fully untethered soft robots

[ad_1] Square twist origami unit. Credit: Kotikian et al., Sci. Robot. 4, eaax7044 (2019) The majority of soft robots today rely on external power and control, keeping them tethered to off-board systems or rigged with hard components. Now, researchers from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) and Caltech have […]

A miniature stretchable pump for the next generation of soft robots

[ad_1] The pump bending. Credit: © Vito Cacucciolo / 2019 EPFL Soft robots have a distinct advantage over their rigid forebears: they can adapt to complex environments, handle fragile objects and interact safely with humans. Made from silicone, rubber or other stretchable polymers, they are ideal for use in rehabilitation exoskeletons and robotic clothing. Soft […]

Agile untethered fully soft robots in liquid

[ad_1] (a) Photographs of a robot targeting an LED-indicated path. The targeting demonstration shows the accuracy that the robot control can achieve. (b) Comparison of the measured relative noise level of a soft macro robot and a battery-powered, similarly sized toy boat. RSPL denotes to the relative sound pressure level. The robot exhibits a much […]

A wearable device so thin and soft you won't even notice it

[ad_1] Researchers reported the discovery of a multifunctional ultra-thin wearable electronic device that is imperceptible to the wearer. It also can be used as a robotic skin. Credit: University of Houston Wearable human-machine interfaces—devices that can collect and store important health information about the wearer, among other uses—have benefited from advances in electronics, materials and […]

Technique uses magnets, light to control and reconfigure soft robots

[ad_1] Shape memory cantilever containing chained magnetic particles. (A) Actuation and (B and C) simulations of a DiAPLEX cantilever film containing chained magnetic particles. The permanent magnet (∇H) and LED are indicated in the top left panel. (B) The contours show the degree of actuation (0, flat; 1, contacting magnet) of a simulated filament across […]

Chameleon-inspired structural color soft robot can interact with environment

[ad_1] Chameleon-inspired structural-color soft actuators interact with the environment. Credit: Dr. Du Xuemin A novel structural color soft robot with both color-changing and locomotion capabilities has been developed by a research team led by Dr. Du Xuemin from the Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Inspired by the color-changing capability of the […]