Sites stealing iPhone data reportedly targeted Uyghur Muslims

[ad_1] It’s not certain if the sites also targeted Android users, although Forbes sources said Android and Windows users were also under the crosshairs. China has used a number of tactics to compromise phones and crack down on Uyghur Muslims. Border guards have reportedly been installing surveillance apps on the Android phones of tourists entering […]

Sites like Facebook, Google and Twitter allowed white supremacists to flourish. Now what?

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Before walking into a Norwegian mosque with a pair of shotguns earlier this month, Philip Manshaus called for a race war in a statement he posted on the dark reaches of social media. He couldn’t go to 8chan, the renegade message board where suspects in three recent mass shootings had […]

EU court rules sites must warn about Facebook 'like' button

[ad_1] It is not clear to users that clicking on the ‘like’ button sends data to Facebook, said the court Europe’s top court ruled Monday that online retailers must warn web users that they send personal data to Facebook through the “like” button. According to the European Court of Justice ruling, a site that embeds […]

The benefits of using a temporary email address for dating sites – Blog

[ad_1] The benefits of using a temporary email address for dating sites In our life nowadays, technology is vital and the reality is that it manages to replace just about any sector of our life. We use technology for sleeping, cooking and we even work on it on a daily basis. We sometimes may want […]