'Sense of urgency', as top tech players seek AI ethical rules

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Top players in global tech companies kicked off work Monday to draw up global ethical standards related to data and artificial intelligence, with Microsoft’s president voicing a “sense of urgency”. Some two dozen high-ranking representatives of the global and Swiss economies, as well as scientists and academics, met in Geneva […]

Giving smart vehicles their sense of direction

[ad_1] The team built a 3-D plane-based map using a 3-D LiDAR and an inertial sensor. LiDAR is like radar but uses light instead of radio waves. Points with different colors are the different planes (which serve as the landmarks for navigation), the green line is the true trajectory and the blue line is the […]

Deep learning may help the Army make sense of weak, corrupted signals

[ad_1] Clean image; top right: One-percent information retained; bottom left: restoration by blurring and brightening; bottom right: restoration by deep learning. Credit: The Army Research Laboratory Scientists at the U.S. Army’s corporate research laboratory are developing a new algorithm that could improve image and audio identification for intelligence gathering on the battlefield. U.S. Army Combat […]

Motorized prosthetic arm that can sense touch, move with your thoughts

[ad_1] Keven Walgamott, a Utah real estate agent who lost his hand and part of his arm 17 years ago in an accident, tests a new prosthetic arm that can move with his thoughts. It also can give amputees the sensation of touch through sensors in its hand to make it easier to pick up […]

That's why a temporary email does make a lot of sense. – Blog

[ad_1] The solution to get rid of all the spammy emails Receiving lots of unwanted emails from unknown people is one thing that we all hate. This is called spam, and because we try to deal with it fast and efficiently, it can end up eating quite a lot of our time. But the main […]