Amazon found selling unlicensed cell signal boosters

[ad_1] All of the six vendors spotted in the investigation appeared to be located in China with few if any contact details, and were using bogus reviews to give the appearance of popularity. An Amazon spokesperson said that selling partners had to “comply with all relevant laws and regulations” when listing goods for sale, and […]

Nintendo is selling a handy snap-on case to protect the Switch Lite

[ad_1] It’s selling a snap-on case with a flip cover through the Nintendo Japan online store for around $35 — the only place it seems to be on sale for the time being. It has a couple of raised bumps to accommodate the joysticks and it’s only available in gray, which might be disappointing for […]

Juul will require retailers to scan IDs before selling its vapes

[ad_1] These new Retail Access Control Standards (RACS) are Juul’s latest attempt to curb teen vaping. More than 50 retail chains — a total of more than 40,000 outlets — have agreed to comply. Juul will stop distributing products to retailers who aren’t RACS-certified by May 2021. And because the company recognizes that updating POS […]

How Unilever found itself selling enterprise software

[ad_1] At the start of the third week in May, Ken Charman, CEO of uFlexRewards, found himself in a meeting with the CFO of Unilever. The consumer packaged goods giant is not known as an enterprise IT software company, but in 2018 it created uFlexRewards, an enterprise software spin-out business. Clearly, uFlexRewards needs to deliver […]