Google faces EU anti-trust probe for jobs search tool

[ad_1] Brussels is trying to find out whether Google is giving itself an unfair advantage in jobs searches The European Commission said Wednesday it had opened an investigation into Google’s job search tool on competition grounds, having identified a conflict of interest. The move is the latest in a string of EU probes of the […]

Google search pays tribute to 'Wizard of Oz' with a dizzying Easter egg

[ad_1] The Easter egg is available in both desktop and mobile browsers, though you’ll definitely want to act fast if you want to see it without resorting to archives. It’s too soon to say if this is the start of a trend of movie-themed surprises, but we wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes the new […]

Google Photos now lets you search for, copy/paste text in photos

[ad_1] Google has quietly added more optical character recognition (OCR) functionality to Google Photos, essentially allowing users to search for text within photos. The improved OCR tech also lets you copy/paste said text in photos. The new capabilities were confirmed by the Google Photos Twitter account after a user spotted it (h/t: 9to5Google). The search […]

Google Photos now has the ability to search for text in images

[ad_1] We were able to surface screenshots by looking for specific keywords, but it looks like the feature will work even on ordinary pictures. Say, on images of signs or of the pages of a book. Further, you can simply click the Lens button when you find the image you’re looking for to be able […]

Ancestry will let you search online for relatives who were displaced by the Holocaust

[ad_1] by Edward C. Baig Ancestry is digitizing millions of Holocaust and Nazi-persecution records and making them searchable online for the first time ever. Anyone, not just Ancestry’s paid members, can explore the records at the company’s site. The family tree and consumer genomics company partnered with the Arolsen Archives—International Center on Nazi Persecution, which […]

Many search engine users unaware of personal data collection

[ad_1] Nearly a third (32%) of searchers are unaware that their personal location is collected to display personalised ads, and the majority do not know what kind of information is involved, according to a study by the Reboot Digital Marketing Agency. The study is based on an analysis of findings by UK communications regulator Ofcom […]

Free Mail Marketing: 4 Features to Search for in a Free Trial – Blog

[ad_1] Free Mail Marketing: 4 Features to Search for in a Free Trial There are various benefits to trying a service for free before making a purchase. Test driving a free mail marketing service like SendGrid can be useful for many reasons. In this post, I’ll lead you through the main decision-making points you should […]

How to search for temporary email addresses – Blog

[ad_1] Wanna learn people’s temp email addresses from a distinct company or maybe you are the boss and you want to find out the people’s temp email addresses that using your company domain address. You can search it on google within like 5 hours and maybe as a result you will get nothing but disappointment. […]