AI Aristo takes science test, emerges multiple-choice superstar

[ad_1] Credit: aristo Aristo has passed an American eighth grade science test. If you are told Aristo is an earnest kid who loves to read all he can about Faraday and plays the drums you will say so what, big deal. Aristo, though, is an artificial intelligence program and scientists would like the world to […]

Texas boosts US science with fastest academic supercomputer in the world

[ad_1] Frontera is the fastest supercomputer at any university and the fifth most powerful system in the world. Credit: Jorge Salazar, TACC The Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) at The University of Texas at Austin today launched Frontera, the fastest supercomputer at any university and the 5th most powerful system in the world. TACC is […]

Science to reveal how long highway construction should actually take

[ad_1] Sensors developed by Purdue engineers are being embedded into Indiana highways to determine when concrete is mature enough to open up traffic following a construction project. Credit: Purdue University photo/Erin Easterling Ever wonder why your commute or vacation route has a lane closed down for days or even months at a time? It could […]

Macro-energy systems—the science of the energy transition

[ad_1] Phenomena of interest to macro-energy systems are listed in bold. Credit: Patricia Levi In a perspective published in Joule on August 14, a group of researchers led by Stanford University propose a new academic discipline, ‘macro-energy systems,’ as the science of the energy transition. What types of electricity storage could have the biggest impact […]

How data science in and for Africa can blaze new trails

[ad_1] Africa is data-rich and well connected. Therein lies the solution to many of its challenges. Credit: S.Gvozd/Shutterstock The term “data science” was coined by scientists working at the social networks LinkedIn and Facebook in 2008. A few years later, they dubbed it “the sexiest profession of the 21st century.” This relatively new, interdisciplinary field […]

Perfect storm for data science in security

[ad_1] As the focus in cyber security is shifting from threat prevention alone to detection and response, data science is playing an increasingly important role, according to Joshua Neil, principal data scientist lead for Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection at Microsoft. “I have watched the evolution of data-driven methods applied to cyber security from its […]

Checking emails after work is bad for your partner as well as you | Science

[ad_1] If your other half’s idea of a great night in is to sit on the sofa and check their work emails, the chances are that they are oblivious to how unpopular it makes them. People who constantly monitored office messages at home felt it did no harm to their closest relationships, but their spouses […]