AI to help drive engine efficiencies on the road

[ad_1] Utilizing ALCF supercomputing resources, Argonne researchers are developing the deep learning framework MaLTESE with autonomous — or self-driving — and cloud-connected vehicles in mind. This work could help meet demand to deliver better engine performance, fuel economy and reduced emissions. Credit: Shutterstock /Ju Jae-young Researchers at Argonne are developing the deep learning framework MaLTESE […]

Volkswagen's electric racer conquers China's Tianmen Mountain road

[ad_1] The VW ID R got a new look for its Chinese adventure. Volkswagen Motorsport Tianmen Shan Big Gate Road runs for 6.8 miles and climbs 3,600 feet up the side of the mountain. There are a total of 99 hairpins, some with as tight a radius of just 18 feet. Volkswagen Motorsport On the […]

Protect yourself on the road with an HD dashcam for just $30

[ad_1] Not everyone on the road is a great driver, or even an honest one at that. If someone else causes an accident and blames you, having an affordable dashcam could avoid you losing your insurance premium or even your license. You might have notions that a dashcam would be pricey, but a feature-packed HD […]

Older drivers need more time to react to road hazards

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Imagine you’re sitting in the driver’s seat of an autonomous car, cruising along a highway and staring down at your smartphone. Suddenly, the car detects a moose charging out of the woods and alerts you to take the wheel. Once you look back at the road, how much time will […]