Guidelines needed to protect VR users at risk of harassment, warns academic

[ad_1] Dr Sarah Jones. Credit: Birmingham City University Government guidelines should be introduced to protect gamers and those using virtual reality or immersive technologies from an increased risk of sexual harassment or bullying, a leading academic has warned. Dr. Sarah Jones, Head of Birmingham City University’s School of Media, said almost half of female virtual […]

Sorry, readers. Your Bluetooth device is a security risk

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain We hate to be the purveyor of bad news, but if you’re using Bluetooth with your digital devices—and you know you are—you could be vulnerable to security risks. That means anyone with a Ring video doorbell, smart lighting setup, AirDrop on an iPhone, portable speaker, headset and on and on […]

Amazon, Microsoft, 'putting world at risk of killer AI': report

[ad_1] Demonstrators in Berlin take part in a “Stop Killer Robots” campaign organized by German NGO “Facing Finance” to ban what they call killer robots, in March 2019 Amazon, Microsoft and Intel are among leading tech companies putting the world at risk through killer robot development, according to a report that surveyed major players from […]

Some Apple laptops banned from airline flights for fire risk

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Federal safety officials have banned some Apple laptops from airline flights after Apple recalled the batteries because they could catch fire. The Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement Wednesday that it alerted airlines last month about the recall involving batteries for some Apple MacBook Pro laptops. Under FAA policy, […]

Notre-Dame cathedral 'still at risk of collapse' after fire

[ad_1] Barriers were set up as a truck delivered pipes and pumps for cleaning the esplanade in front of Paris’ great medieval cathedral Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris is still at risk of collapse after being gutted by a fire in April, with more stonework falling during the recent heatwave in the French capital, the government […]

Wearable pet devices are putting human privacy at risk

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain The billion-dollar pet industry now has a growing market dedicated to wearable devices but new research from the University of Bristol has found these devices capture more data on the owners rather than their pets. Consumers have the option to track location, activity and health data of their pets but […]

How a Tale of at Risk Youth Became the Edgiest Teen Film of the 80s [Rewind]

[ad_1] Director Mark L. Lester is known for many things. Roller Boogie, Pterodactyl and Showdown in Little Tokyo are one side of this iconoclastic coin. The other side includes movies like Firestarter, Armed and Dangerous and the legendary Commando. Yes, for all that Mr. Lester has given the world of cinema, he helmed this Arnold […]

Are private temporary emails a risk for government? – Blog

[ad_1] Are private temporary emails a risk for government? For people who are involving in government businesses using temporary email address in business is legal in Texas. In Texas, A&M Univeresity that have 6 investigations about emails sent and received by A&M University. People judged Hillary Clinton for managing her private email in government business and that […]