Research team introduces 'phyjama,' a physiological sensing pajama

[ad_1] UMass Amherst researchers have developed physiological-sensing textiles that can be woven or stitched into sleep garments they have dubbed “phyjamas.” Their work rests on the insight that though sleepwear is worn loosely, in places sensors may press against the body through contact with external surfaces, such as the torso against a chair or bed, […]

Research gives robots a second chance at first impressions

[ad_1] Baxter, a robotic deli operator, was used in preliminary research about how humans perceive robot competence. Credit: Cornell University Underestimate robots at your peril. The robot you know only as a lowly cleaner may also be an expert firefighter. A robot that clumsily fumbles an object may still have life-saving skills. “If people are […]

Research reveals new plan to maximize rideshare availability by routing empty cars

[ad_1] Time is money. Especially for rideshare drivers with companies like Uber and Lyft. New research in the INFORMS journal Operations Research looks at a new model for rideshare companies focusing on maximizing the availability of rideshares by optimally routing empty cars. All rideshares start off waiting on a passenger… when a passenger arrives if […]

Majority of social media users are happy for their data to be used for research, study reveals

[ad_1] Social media users cited the potential benefit for medical research as the most influential factor for them to consent to their data being used for research. Credit: University of York Social media users are generally positive about their personal data being used for research purposes, a study by the University of York has revealed. […]

DEA may finally let others grow cannabis for research

[ad_1] Enlarge / A marijuana leaf. The US Drug Enforcement Administration cleared the air around cannabis Monday, reaffirming its plans to expand cannabis research and confirming that some products containing the popular cannabis-derived component cannabidiol (CBD) are now legal. Three years ago, the agency said it wanted to expand cannabis research by letting more entities […]

Historians' archival research looks quite different in the digital age

[ad_1] Today, and into the future, consulting archival documents increasingly means reading them on a screen. Credit: Shutterstock Our society’s historical record is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Think of all the information that you create today that will be part of the record for tomorrow. More than half of the world’s population is online and […]

Check Point Research shows DSLR camera vulnerabilities

[ad_1] A security researcher took advantage of vulnerabilities in a protocol used in digital cameras to infect ransomware into a DSLR camera over a rogue WiFi connection. Ionut Ilascu in BleepingComputer reported on August 11 that flaws were discovered in the implementation of the Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) in a Canon camera offering exploit options […]

Natural gas storage research could combat global warming

[ad_1] Synthesis at small scale (82.11 grams of product). Note that the reaction is carried out in a beaker open to air. Credit: Vepa Rozyyev/Texas A&M University To help combat global warming, a team led by Dr. Mert Atilhan from Texas A&M University and Dr. Cafer Yavuz at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and […]

Ancient predators inspire visionary research

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Insects are inspiring University of South Australia researchers to create new technology based on their extraordinary vision. The visual processing skills of the dragonfly are the envy not only of the animal kingdom, but the human one as well. They can remain in the air under very tight control waiting […]