Apple's tracking tags will reportedly use ultra-wideband for precision

[ad_1] As with any communication protocol, the limitation of this new standard is that both devices need to feature the tech. According to a previous report from Kuo, all three 2019 iPhones will feature UWB. Unfortunately, that leaves out all current iPhone owners. Kuo’s latest note doesn’t say anything about how those iPhones will connect […]

Good News! Xiaomi reportedly working on opt-out switch for MIUI Ads

[ad_1] Xiaomi users have had a beef with MIUI ads for the longest time. Xiaomi’s custom UI sitting over Android is stuffed with ads, be it in home screen widgets or system apps such as calendar, weather, video, settings, etc. The problem got worse with the release of MIUI 10, especially for users in India. […]

Sites stealing iPhone data reportedly targeted Uyghur Muslims

[ad_1] It’s not certain if the sites also targeted Android users, although Forbes sources said Android and Windows users were also under the crosshairs. China has used a number of tactics to compromise phones and crack down on Uyghur Muslims. Border guards have reportedly been installing surveillance apps on the Android phones of tourists entering […]

Ring reportedly shared video sharing data, detailed maps with police in 2018

[ad_1] Enlarge / A map showing the approximate location of the 405 police departments working with Ring as of August 30, 2019 Ring, Amazon’s home security camera and surveillance company, has since 2018 rapidly expanded its business by partnering with more than 400 police and sheriff departments nationwide. Amid a growing chorus of privacy complaints […]

US reportedly received 130 requests to sell to Huawei, none granted

[ad_1] The White House made an abrupt turnaround of sorts in June when President Donald Trump announced that some U.S. companies would be allowed to deal with Huawei. This came a few months after the Chinese brand was slapped with a trade ban by the White House. The Commerce Department stated at the time that […]

Apple will reportedly start online sales in India

[ad_1] It’s a significant development for Apple, which only has a small presence in the nation of more than a billion people. Chinese Android phone makers and Microsoft Windows have largely been the technology of choice for people in the subcontinent. This is chiefly due to India’s foreign direct investment rules (FDI), which required companies […]

Apple reportedly shelves 'walkie talkie' iPhone feature

[ad_1] This is the first time we’ve heard of the technology, which went by Project OGRS at Apple. It reportedly used the 900 megahertz radio spectrum, often used by the utility, oil and gas industries. Sources told The Information that it was designed to use Intel cellular modems. It’s unclear why Apple shelved the project, […]

Tesla's solar panels reportedly caught fire at an Amazon warehouse

[ad_1] The incident reportedly happened back in June 2018, but the e-commerce giant just came out with the information. Bloomberg says Amazon told the publication via email that it has taken steps to protect its facilities and will no longer install any more Tesla systems going forward. We’ve reached out to both companies to confirm […]