Twitch finally releases Apple TV app as public beta

[ad_1] It’s been easy to find official Twitch apps for consoles, mobile devices and a handful of media hubs, but Apple TV owners haven’t had any such luck — you’ve had to turn to third-party apps that don’t quite match the experience you find elsewhere. There’s a native app at last, though. Twitch has released […]

Microsoft releases its first preview of Power Toys for Windows 10

[ad_1] The original set of utilities was useful for classic tasks like making CDs autoplay or bringing registry settings to the Control Panel via TweakUI. In its initial release, the Windows 10 Power Toys set includes a Windows key shortcut guide, as well as “FancyZones,” which lets you set up predetermined targets to drag applications […]

Ars To-Be-Read: Our most anticipated book releases for fall 2019

[ad_1] Consider the Platypus [Available now] (Ars Technica may earn compensation for sales from links on this post through affiliate programs.) Readers who love books about books will be delighted by The Ten Thousand Doors of January. A young girl named January Scaller stumbles upon a door in the mansion she calls home in the early […]

New ultra-soft underwater gripper safely catches and releases jellyfish without damage

[ad_1] The soft robotic gripper of gelatinous creatures. Credit: Sinatra et al., Sci. Robot. 4, eaax5425 (2019) Jellyfish are about 95% water, making them some of the most diaphanous, delicate animals on the planet. But the remaining 5% of them have yielded important scientific discoveries, like green fluorescent protein (GFP) that is now used extensively […]

Avatar Sequels Delayed, Disney Alternates Releases with Star Wars Through 2027

[ad_1] James Cameron’s long-awaited Avatar 2 and its subsequent sequels have been delayed yet again by Disney. The first Avatar was produced for 20th Century Fox and, following its release in December 2009, went on to become the highest-grossing movie ever, by a considerably wide margin. As such, it was always expected that a sequel […]