On face recognition, Americans trust police over private firms

[ad_1] A majority of Americans trust law enforcement to use facial recognition technology responsibly but are less comfortable with private sector usage, according to a new survey A majority of Americans trust law enforcement to use facial recognition technology responsibly but fewer are comfortable about its deployment by the private sector, a poll showed Thursday. […]

Activist loses UK court case on police facial recognition

[ad_1] In this Wednesday, March 28, 2012 file photo, a surveillance camera is seen by the Olympic Stadium at the Olympic Park in London. A British court has ruled that a police force’s trial of automated facial recognition technology is lawful, dealing a blow to activists concerned about its implications for privacy. The court said […]

A method to introduce emotion recognition in gaming

[ad_1] September 4, 2019 feature Class activation maps for 8 emotions. Credit: Yong, Lee & Choi. Virtual Reality (VR) is opening up exciting new frontiers in the development of video games, paving the way for increasingly realistic, interactive and immersive gaming experiences. VR consoles, in fact, allow gamers to feel like they are almost inside […]

Facebook face recognition feature to replace tag suggestions

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Facebook says it is ending its practice of using face recognition software to identify users’ friends in uploaded photos and automatically suggesting they “tag” them. Instead, it is replacing the feature, called “tag suggestions,” with its broader face recognition setting, which identifies people’s faces in photos for various uses, not […]

A deep learning technique for context-aware emotion recognition

[ad_1] Intuition of CAER-Net for untrimmed videos, as in (a) conventional methods that leverage the facial regions only, as in (b), often fail to recognize emotion. Unlike these methods, CAER-Net focuses on both face and attentive context regions, as seen in (c). Credit: Lee et al. A team of researchers at Yonsei University and École […]

10 reasons you should be worried about facial recognition technology

[ad_1] Credit: Karelnoppe/Shutterstock Facial recognition technology is spreading fast. Already widespread in China, software that identifies people by comparing images of their faces against a database of records is now being adopted across much of the rest of the world. It’s common among police forces but has also been used at airports, railway stations and […]

New models for handwriting recognition in online Latin and Arabic scripts

[ad_1] The architecture of OnHS-LSTM. Credit: Akouaydi et al. Researchers at the University of Sfax, in Tunisia, have recently developed a new method to recognize handwritten characters and symbols in online scripts. Their technique, presented in a paper pre-published on arXiv, has already achieved remarkable performance on texts written in both the Latin and Arabic […]