Google Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL confirmed to feature 90Hz display refresh rate

[ad_1] iGeeksBlog Google’s new Pixel 4 series is weeks away from becoming official and we’re seeing leaks pouring in from all corners of the internet. Just yesterday, we caught a glimpse of the Pixel 4 strutting its stuff in a short hands-on video. Now, XDA-Developers has dug through the Android 10 source code to find evidence […]

Asus will pack on 300-hertz refresh rate for gamers

[ad_1] Credit: Asus Asus has stirred up interest in its gaming display for laptops. Asus fittingly chose Europe’s largest consumer tech show for the debut site of its fast laptop gaming display. These are being tagged as gaming machines with 300Hz displays—meaning? These are gaming laptops that can push refresh rates to 300Hz. A note […]

Form's Swim Goggles display heart rate data in the pool

[ad_1] Swimmers will be able to view their heart rate in their line of sight, thanks to the Swim Goggles’ augmented reality capabilities and the tiny, see-through display inside one of the lenses. The Polar sensors will attach to the goggles via a strap and sit against the swimmer’s temple. Data will be transmitted wirelessly, […]

Best heart rate monitor earbuds

[ad_1] Heart rate monitor earbuds curb the need to buy fitness tracking wearables. What’s just as important as the earbuds themselves is the functionality of their accompanying applications. These let you analyze the collected heart rate data and adjust your workouts accordingly. While no product is perfect, these are the best heart rate monitor earbuds […]