Baby strollers will get a Bosch push in tech features

[ad_1] Credit: Bosch Bosch is promoting its e-stroller system as a safe and comfortable way for baby to enjoy the ride. The system components include (1) two smart electric motors mounted on the stroller’s rear axle (2) electromechanical brake (3) a battery unit with removable lithium-ion battery and (4) smartphone app. Electrically powered, the stroller […]

In a world of cyber threats, the push for cyber peace is growing

[ad_1] Digital conflict and military action are increasingly intertwined, and civilian targets—private businesses and everyday internet users alike—are vulnerable in the digital crossfire. But there are forces at work trying to promote peace online. It will be a tough challenge: In May 2019, Israel responded to unspecified cyberattacks by Hamas with an immediate airstrike that […]

Bosch's electric stroller technology helps push

[ad_1] It will affect cameras, flash storage and other common tech items.Tariffs hit Apple and other tech companies Some of the tech you like is about to get more expensive. Sticking to its earlier plans, the Trump administration has formally enacted a new round of tariffs against China-made products, which will take effect September 1st. […]

Volocopter gets safety nod in push for air taxis of the future

[ad_1] Credit: Volocopter How far off are we from hopping on and off air taxis as a familiar local mode of transport? Eyes this week were fixed on one company aggressively keeping up its bit to open commercial routes and bring this type of mobility to life. Volocopter on Wednesday presented its latest air taxi […]