T-Mobile's promise of widespread 5G comes a step closer with new lab in Washington

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Two decades ago, it was an old warehouse packed with stoves, refrigerators and other appliances. Today, it’s a 20,000-square-foot facility with advanced technology meant to bring nationwide 5G to T-Mobile’s customers before the competition. The company bought the building 20 years ago for general operations, slowly housing more and more […]

Growth of wind energy points to future challenges, promise

[ad_1] The growth in wind energy solutions, with larger, more efficient wind turbines over the decades. Credit: Fraunhofer IWES Advances in adapting the technology for cold climates and offshore use and better methods for predicting wind conditions have fanned significant growth of the use of wind turbines for electricity in the last 40 years. A […]

New perovskite material shows early promise as an alternative to silicon

[ad_1] To minimize the loss of electrons from CsPbI3 (red, central layer) into adjacent layers, it is important that the energy levels (eV, on the graph) of all layers are similar. Credit: OIST Silicon dominates solar energy products—it is stable, cheap and efficient at turning sunlight into electricity. Any new material taking on silicon must […]

AI researcher offers insight on promise, pitfalls of machine learning

[ad_1] MarineTraffic’s Density Map format showing vessel trajectories from billions of data points from 2017. The ‘cool’ colored lines signify that a route has not been taken often, the ‘warm’ colored lines signify where routes are often utilized. The result is a global dataset of ship tracking density. Credit: MarineTraffic These days, the latest developments […]