On face recognition, Americans trust police over private firms

[ad_1] A majority of Americans trust law enforcement to use facial recognition technology responsibly but are less comfortable with private sector usage, according to a new survey A majority of Americans trust law enforcement to use facial recognition technology responsibly but fewer are comfortable about its deployment by the private sector, a poll showed Thursday. […]

Activist loses UK court case on police facial recognition

[ad_1] In this Wednesday, March 28, 2012 file photo, a surveillance camera is seen by the Olympic Stadium at the Olympic Park in London. A British court has ruled that a police force’s trial of automated facial recognition technology is lawful, dealing a blow to activists concerned about its implications for privacy. The court said […]

Ring reportedly shared video sharing data, detailed maps with police in 2018

[ad_1] Enlarge / A map showing the approximate location of the 405 police departments working with Ring as of August 30, 2019 Ring, Amazon’s home security camera and surveillance company, has since 2018 rapidly expanded its business by partnering with more than 400 police and sheriff departments nationwide. Amid a growing chorus of privacy complaints […]

400 US police agencies partner with Amazon on smart doorbell

[ad_1] Amazon’s smart doorbell Ring, which includes a video camera, is being promoted by US police departments as part of crime prevention efforts, while civil liberties activists warn of expanded surveillance Amazon said Wednesday more than 400 US police departments had joined its “Ring Neighbors” network, a program aimed at curbing crime using video from […]

Why the police should use machine learning—very carefully

[ad_1] Credit: Kirill_makarov/Shutterstock.com The debate over the police using machine learning is intensifying—it is considered in some quarters as controversial as stop and search. Stop and search is one of the most contentious areas of how the police interact with the public. It has been heavily criticized for being discriminatory towards black and minority ethnic […]

Can simulators prevent police car wrecks?

[ad_1] Credit: University of Georgia Police car wrecks are the biggest risk management expense related to law enforcement, causing local governments to lose money. New research from the University of Georgia shows that a driver training program can result in big savings. Specifically, proper training with a simulator results in a 12:1 savings. For a […]

Nigerian man ran email scam from Villawood detention centre, police say | Money

[ad_1] A Nigerian man ran a multimillion-dollar email scam out of Villawood immigration detention centre, using 16 mobile phones and 17 sim cards, police will allege in court. The 43-year-old man is among four people arrested and charged over the long-running scam that defrauded small businesses, stole identities, and deceived would-be lovers online. The deceptions […]