Office sharing startup WeWork plans to cut valuation to below $20 bn

[ad_1] Fast-growing office-sharing startup WeWork plans to again cut its valuation, this time to below $20 billion, and is under pressure from some investors to postpone its stock market debut, sources said Sunday. It is the second time in three days that the company has cut its valuation target, after sources said Thursday that its […]

US plans for fake social media run afoul of Facebook rules

[ad_1] In this Aug. 11, 2019, file photo an iPhone displays the apps for Facebook and Messenger in New Orleans. Facebook says the U.S. Department of Homeland Security will be violating the company’s rules if agents create fake profiles to monitor the social media of foreigners seeking to enter the country. (AP Photo/Jenny Kane, File) […]

Telegram secretly plans 'Gram' cryptocurrency

[ad_1] Telegram has been quietly preparing a crypto currency for ‘ordinary people’ Working in secrecy for a year, the Telegram messaging service has a plan: to beat Facebook in the race to launch a cryptocurrency with its new project “Gram”. Little is known about Gram, but media reports say Russian-founded Telegram aims to create an […]

Singapore plans a subterranean future

[ad_1] Singapore has already built an underground highway and state-of-the-art air conditioning system, but is now looking to house more facilities beneath the surface in order to optimise land use above it Space-starved Singapore has expanded outwards by building into the sea and upwards by constructing high-rises but planners are now looking underground as they […]

US traffic agency plans to test rearview camera systems for vehicles

[ad_1] In particular, the agency plans to monitor how the technology affects “driving behavior and lane change maneuver execution.” It will start its tests on smaller passenger vehicles before moving to larger ones. Side and rearview cameras are already allowed in other regions like Europe and Japan, which is why automakers are already working on […]

No plans for Huawei Mate 30 to use HarmonyOS

[ad_1] Huawei Senior Vice President Vincent Yang spoke at a press conference in New York City yesterday (via CNET). During his presentation, he talked a bit about HarmonyOS, the company’s new software that could, in theory, replace Android on its smartphones. However, Yang said there are no plans to launch a Huawei smartphone this year […]

3-D printer gun plans seller pleads guilty to sex with minor

[ad_1] Prosecutors say the founder of a Texas company that sold plans for making untraceable 3D printed guns has pleaded guilty to having sex with an underage girl. Travis County Assistant District Attorney Joe Frederick says Cody Wilson pleaded guilty Friday to a lesser charge of injury to a child under a plea deal with […]

Verizon's unveils cheaper unlimited smartphone plans that lets each family member choose their own

[ad_1] by Edward C. Baig, Usa Today Verizon Wireless has announced a new set of unlimited “mix and max” wireless pricing plans that that will let you, your spouse and your kids potentially each choose your own plan. Each family member may have to do a little bit of work to sort through the details […]

Rolls-Royce expresses optimism over Brexit plans

[ad_1] Rolls Royce says it is well positioned to weather turbulence related to Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union UK enginemaker Rolls-Royce on Tuesday expressed confidence over plans for Britain’s departure from the European Union, but revealed that the pound’s Brexit-fuelled slump has left it languishing in the red. There is an increased chance that […]