New methods for optimization of vibration shock protection systems proposed

[ad_1] A pareto optimal front for single-degree-of-freedom system. Credit: Lobachevsky University Nowadays the words “uncertainty” and “multicriteria” characterize in the best way the relevance and complexity of modern problems of management of a variety of dynamic objects and processes. In fact, any mathematical model describing complex controlled processes inevitably includes inaccuracies in the description of […]

Topology optimization and 3-D printing multimaterial magnetic actuators and displays

[ad_1] Overview of the specification-driven 3D printing process. The structure of individual actuators (or the arrangement of multiple actuators) is optimized using a multiobjective topology optimization process. Note that, in general, the final optimized structure can be of any arbitrary shape as shown. The optimization uses the bulk physical properties of the individual materials and […]