Liberation day! Don’t email me. I sure won’t be emailing you | Charles Arthur | Opinion

[ad_1] As from today you have the perfect excuse. “I haven’t been in touch because you didn’t respond to my last email – you know, the one where I said that you had to specifically opt in if you wanted further communications? Anyway, Mum, how was your week?” Like most, I feel that the advent […]

As discussed: it’s time to break the hateful passive-aggressive email chain | André Spicer | Opinion

[ad_1] Remember the last time you were scrolling through an email and saw phrases like “Reattached for your convenience”, “sorry for the double email” or “please advise”? You’re not alone if you felt enraged by reading them. According to a recent survey by the software company Adobe, 25% of us loathe the phrase “not sure […]