New augmented reality head mounted display offers unrivaled viewing experience

[ad_1] Cambridge engineers have developed a new augmented reality (AR) head mounted display (HMD) that delivers a realistic 3-D viewing experience, without the commonly associated side effects of nausea or eyestrain. The device has an enlarged eye-box that is scalable and an increased field of view of 36º that is designed for a comfortable viewing […]

Spain's Telefonica offers voluntary redundancy to 5,000 staff

[ad_1] Telefonica said its redundancy plan is part of its effort to adapt its workforce “to the needs of future challenges” Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica said Tuesday it had offered a voluntary redundancy plan for roughly 5,000 workers in Spain over 53 years old—one fifth of its staff there. The plan will cost Telefonica 1.6 […]

Air France offers to snap up French airline as thousands stranded

[ad_1] Aigle Zur, which employs almost 1,200 staff, filed for bankruptcy and suspended flights last week French flag carrier Air France on Monday offered to snap up its much smaller rival Aigle Azur after the airline’s collapse stranded thousands of passengers mainly booked on flights to and from Algeria. Aigle Zur, which employs almost 1,200 […]

Asia's richest man offers free TVs in Indian broadband blitz

[ad_1] Three years ago Mukesh Ambani’s Jio network entered the mobile market, triggering a brutal price war. Now he has his sights set on broadband Having already turned India’s mobile market upside down, Asia’s richest man Mukesh Ambani has now set his sights on broadband. In 2016 Ambani’s Jio network entered the mobile telecoms market […]

Electronic glove offers 'humanlike' features for prosthetic hand users

[ad_1] An electronic glove, developed by Purdue University researchers, offers ‘humanlike’ features for prosthetic hand users. Credit: Purdue University/Chris Adam People with hand amputations experience difficult daily life challenges, often leading to lifelong use of a prosthetic hands and services. An electronic glove, or e-glove, developed by Purdue University researchers can be worn over a […]

'Cyberpunk 2077' video offers a 'deep dive' on playing styles

[ad_1] The developers stressed that there’s no fixed class system, and that you’re free to develop hybrid characters with their own specializations. However you play, you’ll have to tread carefully. The video illustrates the possible consequences of choosing one faction over another, or your approach to the AI in your head (Johnny Silverhand, aka Keanu […]

Hands-on: The Switch Lite offers small improvements for gamers on the go

[ad_1] Congratulations! It’s a bouncing, baby gaming console! A nice tricolor gaming salad. If Switch players can get the d-pad back, maybe iPhone users can get the headphone jack back one of these days? The controls may look a bit bigger, but it’s just an optical illusion created by the smaller system housing. Compare and […]

Lufthansa offers climate-friendly fuel, but at a price

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain German airline Lufthansa is launching a website that allows customers to buy climate-friendly plane fuel to compensate for the emissions caused by their flight. Lufthansa said Monday that the sustainable aviation fuel, or SAF, purchased that way will be added to one of the airline’s flights, reducing net greenhouse gas […]

AI researcher offers insight on promise, pitfalls of machine learning

[ad_1] MarineTraffic’s Density Map format showing vessel trajectories from billions of data points from 2017. The ‘cool’ colored lines signify that a route has not been taken often, the ‘warm’ colored lines signify where routes are often utilized. The result is a global dataset of ship tracking density. Credit: MarineTraffic These days, the latest developments […]