Estimating people's age using convolutional neural networks

[ad_1] September 12, 2019 feature A diagram of the proposed age estimation system. Credit: Agbo-Ajala & Viriri. Over the past few years, researchers have created a growing number of machine learning (ML)-based face recognition techniques, which could have numerous interesting applications, for instance, enhancing surveillance monitoring, security control, and potentially even forensic art. In addition […]

Artificial neural networks could be used to provide insight into biological systems

[ad_1] Martin Haesemeyer (left), in the labs of Florian Engert (right). Haesemeyer built an artificial neural network that almost perfectly mimicked the zebrafish and which has the potential to further understanding of biology. Credit: Rose Lincoln/Harvard file photo Teaching a computer to behave like a zebrafish wasn’t Martin Haesemeyer’s goal. In fact, the research associate […]

New design advances optical neural networks that compute at the speed of light using engineered matter

[ad_1] Engineered optical neural network applied to a conventional machine learning task. Credit: UCLA Engineering Institute for Technology Advancement Diffractive deep neural network is an optical machine learning framework that uses diffractive surfaces and engineered matter to all optically perform computation. After its design and training in a computer using modern deep learning methods, each […]