Computer model aims to turn film scripts into animations

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a computer model that can translate text describing physical movements directly into simple computer-generated animations, a first step toward someday generating movies directly from scripts. Scientists have made tremendous leaps in getting computers to understand natural language, as well as in generating a […]

Fake news model in staged release but two researchers fire up replication

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Not the most comforting news in the world of tech: The artificial intelligence lab (OpenAI) cofounded by Elon Musk said its software could too easily be adapted to crank out fake news. “Two grads re-created it anyway.” That was Wired‘s coverage on August 26 of a story about two recent […]

Tesla suspension update helps Model S and Model X high-speed driving

[ad_1] The latest software (2019.28.3.1) makes adjustments to the adaptive suspension system, using “dampening algorithms” to better handle speeds over 160 km/h (100mph), as reported by Electrek. That means the feature won’t be of much use to drivers in the US, who are stuck with a maximum allowed speed of up to 85mph. It will […]

Tesla Model 3 owner implants key card chip into her arm to unlock and start her vehicle

[ad_1] When smartphones and keyfobs are impossible to keep up with, some say you could just implant them into your body so you can always unlock your car. That’s the idea behind one Tesla owner’s decision to implant the RFID chip from her Model 3’s key card into her arm. Unlike most cars that come […]

Model predicts cognitive decline due to Alzheimer's, up to two years out

[ad_1] A model developed at MIT predicts the cognitive decline of patients at risk for Alzheimer’s disease by forecasting their cognition test scores up to two years in the future, which could help zero in on the right patients to select for clinical trials. Credit: Christine Daniloff, MIT A new model developed at MIT can […]