A prosthetic leg with 'feeling' improves mobility

[ad_1] A breakthrough device unveiled Monday makes it possible for someone amputated above the knee to “feel” a prosthetic leg, resulting is greater stamina, stability and mobility. Sensors on a mechanical limb surgically connected to nerve endings in the thighs of two volunteers also reduced or removed the agonising “phantom limb” pain that bedevils so […]

A smart electric scooter to improve urban mobility

[ad_1] Superpedestrian says its vehicle intelligence system makes its scooters safer, more durable, and easier to maintain. Credit: Superpedestrian Startups racing to deploy rentable electric scooters around the world seem to be following Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s famous motto for disruption: Move fast and break things. Unfortunately for those startups, the things that break most […]

A promising step in returning bipedal mobility

[ad_1] New research effort aims to help people walk again by combining exoskeletons with spinal stimulation. Credit: California Institute of Technology Engineers at Caltech have launched a new research initiative aimed at restoring natural and stable locomotion to individuals with walking deficiencies that result from spinal cord injuries and strokes. This initiative, dubbed RoAM (Robotic […]