Facebook debuts new notifications to fight vaccine misinformation

[ad_1] But, the notifications don’t appear to completely prevent people from viewing anti-vaccination content. One screenshot the company shared with CNN shows that, at least on Instagram, individuals have the option to still see what other users have posted using a vaccine-related hashtag. This differs from Pinterest’s recently announced approach, in which the company has […]

Instagram begins letting users report misinformation

[ad_1] US social network Instagram is encouraging users to report dubious posts for review by fact-checkers Instagram on Thursday added a way for users to easily report deceptive posts at the photo and video-oriented social network owned by Facebook. A new tool being rolled out out lets Instagram users tap a “report” option on-screen when […]

Spotting misinformation online via artificial intelligence

[ad_1] Credit: iStock/champja We live in an era of too much information—an endless stream of status updates, memes, reposts, infographics, quotes and hashtags roll daily through our social media feeds, meant to express viewpoints, drum up solidarity, provide information, change minds or cause controversy. Problem is, the average online browser/social media user doesn’t have the […]