Telegram gets message scheduling, major privacy additions

[ad_1] The Telegram team has been pretty busy in 2019, and the version 5.11 update brings even more goodness to the table. For starters, the app now lets you schedule messages. Scheduling a message is done by simply holding on the send button and then choosing Schedule Message. From here, you can specify a time […]

How I cracked a 70-year-old coded message from beyond the grave

[ad_1] The American Survival Research Foundation offered a reward of $1,000 for cracking one of Thouless’s two codes within three years of his death. It was not claimed. Credit: In recent weeks I managed to decrypt a difficult cipher that, despite expert codebreakers’ best efforts, had remained unsolved for 70 years. The code was […]

Looking for work? Your next job interview might just come by text message

[ad_1] by Edward C. Baig Credit: CC0 Public Domain When the text message popped up on his iPhone, Malcolm Barnes was skeptical. Could this really be from a recruiter? Sure, he had applied online for a job. But in the era of data breaches, spam and scams, he wasn’t sure whether to trust it. “I’ve […]

Planning a holiday? Don’t forget your out-of-office message | Eva Wiseman | Life and style

[ad_1] The holiday season is encroaching on work life like knotweed, and for those of us sitting in offices, it makes itself known not just in our unwelcome introductions to colleagues’ exposed feet, but in the “out of office autoreplies” that spring unbidden into our inboxes. As a combination of cultural malaises converge – including […]

Worst email ever? Sydney boss apologises for angry all-staff message that went viral | Australia news

[ad_1] A Sydney boss has apologised for an angry all-staff email that repeatedly accused his employees of “getting on my tits”, playing “endless ping pong” and likened their taking frequent sick leave to a film about a man dying of Aids. Marcus Wood, the director of Mars Recruiting, has owned up as the author of […]