FAA puts out a call for pilots to test changes in Boeing jet

[ad_1] In this Wednesday, May 8, 2019 file photo, workers stand near a Boeing 737 MAX 8 jetliner being built for American Airlines prior to a test flight in Renton, Wash. Federal safety officials are recruiting pilots from airlines around the world to test changes that Boeing is making in flight-control software on the grounded […]

Jet ignition technology could boost efficiency and lower emissions of combustion engines

[ad_1] Here are sequences of images showing the jet (produced from pre-chamber on the top) penetrating into the main chamber and igniting the main-chamber mixture. Credit: Purdue University The same technology used in jets soon may be powering personal cars and other automobiles. Purdue University researchers are now working to develop pre-chamber technology for automobiles […]

A novel robotic jellyfish able to perform 3-D jet propulsion and maneuvers

[ad_1] The mechanical design of the robotic jellyfish. Credit: ┬ęScience China Press As a source of inspiration, aquatic creatures such as fish, cetaceans, and jellyfish could inspire innovative designs to improve the ways that manmade systems operate in and interact with aquatic environments. Jellyfishes in nature propel themselves through their surroundings by radially expanding and […]

World's first electric hydrofoil jet ski

[ad_1] Credit: University of Western Australia The University of Western Australia’s Renewable Energy Vehicle Project (REV) has teamed up with technology partner Electro.Aero, a Perth-based start-up company, and funding sponsor Galaxy Resources, an ASX-listed lithium producer, to develop the world’s first electric hydrofoil personal watercraft, named WaveFlyer. The WaveFlyer appears similar to a conventional jet-ski […]