New iPhone? No thanks. These older-model 5S owners don't need or want one

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Apple may be set to introduce new models of iPhones, but Bill Hudgins has no interest. He’s got himself an iPhone 5S, the phone that Apple will stop supporting this month with software updates, bug fixes and the like. He’s in no rush to get a new phone. “I’m happy […]

Apple unveils iPhone 11 models, with price cut

[ad_1] Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks on stage during a product launch event at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California Apple unveiled its iPhone 11 models Tuesday, touting upgraded, ultra-wide cameras as it updated its popular smartphone lineup and cut its entry price to $699. The newest handsets come as Apple seeks to spur new upgrades […]

Labour report alleges violations by China iPhone supplier

[ad_1] Foxconn is based in Taipei Apple and its supplier Foxconn admitted they have been using too many temporary workers to staff an iPhone factory in central China, as a labour rights group accused them Monday of a number of workers rights violations. China Labor Watch said it had its investigators working inside the factory […]

iPhone to share the spotlight with services at Apple's big event

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain The iPhone will be front and center at Apple’s upcoming media presentation even as the California tech giant steps up its efforts in content and services for its devices. In its trademark, tight-lipped style, Apple disclosed little about its plans for Tuesday’s event at its headquarters in the Silicon Valley […]

Security report on iPhone hack created 'false impression'

[ad_1] Apple says the Google security report on a hacking operation targeting iPhones was inacurate and created a false impression of “mass exploitation” Apple hit back Friday at a Google research report suggesting iPhones may have been targeted by a long-running hacking operation, calling it inaccurate and misleading. Apple spokesman Fred Sainz said in a […]

Preparing for Apple's 2019 iPhone event

[ad_1] September 10th, 1PM ET — don’t be late.What to expect at Apple’s iPhone event Apple is gearing up to show off a handful of updated models at 1 PM Eastern/10AM Pacific on September 10th, but they’re far from the only things the company plans to introduce. Before we jump on a plane and set […]

A new iPhone is coming. But no, you don't really have to pay new-phone prices

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain New iPhones are likely to be revealed Sept. 10 and in stores soon after. So do you really have to fork over $1,000 for a new phone and have the latest and greatest? Yes, if you want more power, improved camera technology and more storage. But if you’re like many […]

13 hidden ways Apple's new software can breathe life into your aging iPhone

[ad_1] by Edward C. Baig, Usa Today Credit: CC0 Public Domain Apple is hosting its customary September product unveiling for the news media next week signaling the imminent arrival of the newest iPhones. But the latest hardware is only part of the story, and not the biggest part at that if you plan to sit […]

You can block images on Gmail for iPhone now

[ad_1] Even if you’re old enough to remember when Gmail asked permission before loading external images, you still might not have noticed that they stopped doing this by default back in 2013. Email providers that year started cutting down on displaying attachments to stop the spread of malware. Gmail instead elected to serve images through […]

10 features we'd like to see on the next iPhone

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Apple said this week it will stage a media event on Sept.10th, which is when the company is expected to introduce three new editions of the iPhone. As always, we have a wish list for features we’d like to see. Ready everyone? Let us count the ways. —Battery. Of course, […]