Investigating the self-attention mechanism behind BERT-based architectures

[ad_1] September 11, 2019 feature Investigated BERT architecture has the architecture of 12 layers by 12 heads. Each cell in this figure shows the performance of BERT if the corresponding head is switched off. Darker colors indicate higher performance, and white cells indicate heads without which BERT’s performance decreases. Stanford Sentiment Treebank (SST-2): There are […]

Investigating the best features for predicting a movie's genre and estimated budget

[ad_1] Sample frames from Moviescope video trailers showing the diversity in the proposed dataset. Credit: Sitaraman et al. A team of researchers at the University of Virginia has recently carried out a large-scale analysis aimed at identifying features in film trailers that best predict a movie’s genre and estimated budget. In their study, outlined in […]

Journalists investigating Russia targeted by cyberattacks: ProtonMail

[ad_1] Investigations website Bellingcat helped unmask the Russian agents suspected of poisoning ex-spy Sergei Skripal Reporters investigating Russian military intelligence have been targeted by highly sophisticated cyberattacks through their encrypted email accounts, with evidence suggesting Moscow was responsible, the email service provider ProtonMail and journalists said Saturday. The phishing attack, which sought to dupe users […]