How ants, bees, and fruit flies can be the next big buzz in artificial intelligence

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Space. The final frontier. And on Nov. 2, 2018, NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft crossed into the vastness of interstellar space, following Voyager 1, which made the leap six years earlier. Since their launch in 1977, the two probes have traveled more than 11 billion miles across the solar system, lasting […]

Using artificial intelligence to automate sea-ice charting

[ad_1] Ship operators require precise up-to-date information on the location of ice edges and open water and the ice type and concentration along their vessel’s route. Credit: European Space Agency Reliable maps of sea-ice conditions and forecasts are of vital importance for maritime safety, safe navigation and planning. The continued retreating and thinning of Arctic […]

Nature's most beautiful performances could inspire the next generation of artificial intelligence

[ad_1] The simple three-step process for structural transition in the collective behaviour of groups. Credit: Loughborough University Scientists have discovered a possible driving force behind some of nature’s most beautiful displays paving the way for more complex and autonomous AI. Researchers wanted to replicate the basic mechanisms behind some of the most highly organized patterns […]

Artificial intelligence used to recognize primate faces in the wild

[ad_1] Face recognition of individual chimpanzees from Bossou, Guinea. Credit: Kyoto University, Primate Research Institute Scientists at the University of Oxford have developed new artificial intelligence software to recognise and track the faces of individual chimpanzees in the wild. The new software will allow researchers and wildlife conservationists to significantly cut back on time and […]

Artificial intelligence uncovers new details about Old Master paintings

[ad_1] The Ghent Altarpiece closed. Credit: Copyright holder, Saint-Bavo’s Cathedral, – Art in Flanders; photo Dominique Provost. Artificial intelligence has been used to analyse high-resolution digital X-ray images of the world famous Ghent Altarpiece, as part of an investigative project led by UCL. The finding is expected to improve our understanding of art masterpieces […]

Scientists develop a traffic monitoring system based on artificial intelligence

[ad_1] Credit: South Ural State University Scientists of South Ural State University have developed a unique intelligent system for monitoring traffic flow using artificial intelligence, which does not require specific recording equipment and can work on almost any type of camera. The system instantly processes data received in real time, unlike existing programs in which […]

Artificial intelligence to predict protein structure

[ad_1] Fibronectin plays an important role in wound healing. The figure shows an important part of the protein with contact pairs (spheres of the same color). Credit: Ines Reinartz, KIT Proteins are biological high-performance machines. They can be found in every cell and play an important role in human blood coagulation or as main constituents […]

The brain inspires a new type of artificial intelligence

[ad_1] Processing an event with multiple objects. A synchronous input where all objects are presented simultaneously to a computer (left), versus an asynchronous input where objects are presented with temporal order to the brain (right). Credit: Prof. Ido Kanter Machine learning, introduced 70 years ago, is based on evidence of the dynamics of learning in […]

Artist works to merge artificial intelligence and art

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain At Seattle Art Fair, a glistening, golden object propped upon a wooden platform blabbers on as visitors circumambulate the display. An artificial-intelligence (AI) voice-interactive project, the device called “Not the Only One” is designed to respond to people based on conversations that the multimedia artist, Stephanie Dinkins, had with her […]

Spotting misinformation online via artificial intelligence

[ad_1] Credit: iStock/champja We live in an era of too much information—an endless stream of status updates, memes, reposts, infographics, quotes and hashtags roll daily through our social media feeds, meant to express viewpoints, drum up solidarity, provide information, change minds or cause controversy. Problem is, the average online browser/social media user doesn’t have the […]