Lenovo Thinkbook 13s review: ThinkPad influences at a great price

[ad_1] Valentina Palladino Lenovo’s ThinkPad family has a lot of fans, but not everyone can spend ThinkPad money on a laptop. Designed for small business customers (and regular consumers who want a more privacy-focused machine), Lenovo’s new Thinkbooks seem like an experiment to boil the essence of a ThinkPad down into its most important parts […]

An algorithm to detect outside influences on the media

[ad_1] Credit: Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne EPFL researchers recently developed an algorithm that maps out the media landscape and reveals biases and hidden influences in the news industry. News consumers may not be aware that the way their local media outlet selects and presents news stories can be affected by the media group that […]