Bamboo lights a fire under Australian construction industry

[ad_1] PhD student Mateo Gutierrez explores the potential of bamboo. Credit: University of Queensland A passion for sustainable construction led University of Queensland Ph.D. student Mateo Gutierrez to explore the potential of bamboo as an environmentally friendly local building material. Bamboo is fast becoming a popular choice in Australia for flooring and furniture, but Mr […]

Stripped-back auto show mirrors German car industry gloom

[ad_1] Major foreign carmakers are shunning Frankfurt’s International Auto Show this year, but climate protestors plan to attend Frankfurt’s biennial International Auto Show (IAA) opens its doors to the public Thursday, but major foreign carmakers are staying away while climate demonstrators march outside—forming a microcosm of the industry’s woes. “There have never been so many […]

Angry residents send German wind industry spinning

[ad_1] Germany’s wind power industry has lost momentum and still remains behind coal as a source of electricity Wind power is a key pillar in Germany’s ambitious renewables transition plan, but the sector has struck strong resistance, forcing the Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government to open talks on the crisis on Thursday. After years of breakneck […]

US tech industry group denounces Trump deal on France digital tax

[ad_1] US President Donald Trump (L) and French President Emmanuel Macron unveiled an agreement allowing France’s digital tax to remain in place until a new global taxation plan takes effect A US trade group representing major technology firms on Tuesday denounced an agreement on France’s digital tax announced by Presidents Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron […]

Cable industry fights plan to require robocall-detection technology

[ad_1] The cable industry is fighting an attempt to require deployment of robocall-detection technology. Some phone providers have already begun deploying the technology in question, which is called SHAKEN/STIR. The technology authenticates callers with digital certificates to prevent spoofing of Caller ID numbers. But Charter—the lobby group that represents Comcast and other cable companies—wants to […]

French industry hits the beach to woo future recruits

[ad_1] The beach of French resort Deauville, where the French Fab Tour is hoping to get young people interested in factory work A few steps from the sea in the Normandy resort of Deauville, a group of curious holidaymakers in flip-flops and beach garb pepper a technician with questions as he extols the capabilities of […]

Amazon has 'destroyed' US retail industry, Mnuchin says

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin alleged that Inc. has “limited competition” and harmed the retail industry as the Trump administration announced a broad antitrust review into whether technology companies are using their power to thwart rivals. “If you look at Amazon, although there are certain benefits to it, it […]