Microsoft patent talk includes foldable with electromagnetic coil

[ad_1] Credit: United States Application US20190267963 Microsoft’s patent filing recently made public has juiced up curiosity over what Microsoft might debut sooner or later as its own version of a folding computing device. MSPoweruser took the view that “Microsoft is trying hard to bring its first foldable device to the market, like every other big […]

Parrot's latest drone includes an immersive cockpit headset

[ad_1] Like its Anafi predecessor, the FPV quadcopter comes with a ton of in-depth manual controls for piloting and imaging, 4K HDR video and 21-megapixel images, plus a decent 26-minute battery life. It’s also pretty lightweight at just 283g. The new model also comes with two new flight presets: cinematic and racing. The big draw […]

The next 'Apex Legends' event includes a sniper-focused mode

[ad_1] The event also alters the map once more, introducing a facility with a portal that can give you an advantage or get you out of a jam. You’ll have access to free loot, but you can also directly purchase a new range of (relatively) inexpensive themed cosmetics for $5 a pop. There’s no guarantee […]